Jim Righter, Jacob Albert, and John Tittmann decided to pool their efforts in 1996 and formed ART Architects . The firm is now best known for its command of New England architectural traditions and fresh interpretations, both classical and vernacular. This approach is rooted in the pedagogy of Charles Moore, Robert Venturi, and the historian Vincent Scully—all of whom shaped the educations of Jim, Jacob, and John over the course of 15 years.

Like the layered sense of history that underscores the firm's design approach, their leadership continues to grow and evolve. J.B. Clancy became a partner in 2008, followed by Lyle Bradley, Elizabeth Cahill, Eric Rochon, and D.J. Arthur in 2022. Their combined expertise—from sustainable design to detailed craftsmanship—expands the breadth of the firm's work under the shared banner of architecture as "an essential bearer of meaning," as Scully once articulated.

ART's work is “beautifully naturalized—to site, to purpose, and to tradition.”
-Robert A.M. Stern