Registered Architect in Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut, and Maine

An ART founding partner, Jacob has devoted his professional life to celebrating and reinterpreting the rich traditions of New England architecture. Jacob studied at Yale, where he received both his BA and MArch. He is a past board member of the national Society of Architectural Historians and served for ten years as secretary of the SAH New England Chapter. A resident of Cambridge, he spent eight years on the Cambridge Historical Commission. He is currently a trustee of Historic New England.

Jacob enjoys sketching and photographing buildings, cities, and landscapes near and far, to use as inspirations for design!

Jacob’s photographs have been selected for the annual AIA Architectural Photography Competition & Calendar on multiple occasions. Some of Jacob’s photos can be seen here.



Massachusetts, Maine, New York, Connecticut, NCARB


Albert, Righter & Tittmann Architects, 1996–present
James Volney Righter Architects, Boston, 1980–1995
Allan Greenberg Architects, New Haven, 1980

American Institute of Architects
Boston Society of Architects
Historic New England: Trustee, 2016- present
Society of Architectural Historians: Director, 2001–2004
Society of Architectural Historians, New England Chapter:
Secretary, 1989–2000


Cambridge Historical Commission, 2000–2008
Annual AIA Architectural Photography Competition & Calendar:
1998, 2002–05, 2008–09


Yale MArch, 1980
Yale BA, 1977