Our approach to Architecture and the services we provide.

Architecture is for people, and buildings should be livable. Clients spark ideas and set a direction. This is what makes each of our designs different and special, a portrait of the client.

We call on a full range of architectural languages and relish the play between memory and invention. We are both inspired by the past and responsive to the technologies and green practices of today.

Good buildings are a complex coordination of function, solid construction, and beauty.

We always consider the relationship between inside and outside. We are often involved in site design, integrating buildings with the land and neighborhood.

We design new buildings and also deal with existing ones: restoring them, adding to them, and remodeling them. Our services include preservation of historic structures, in some cases without leaving a trace of our new work.

In order to achieve the livability of our buildings, we design all aspects of the interiors with an eye toward both function and beauty:

  • We think about walls and ceilings, designing the trim and other details.
  • We think about light, both from windows and electric fixtures, integrating function and design.
  • We think about colors and recommend what will best achieve the design goal.
  • We lay out kitchens and bathrooms to make for comfortable rooms that work.
  • We design cabinetry and built-ins to create consistent design.
  • We think about furniture, showing how it can be arranged for the proper functioning of the rooms, and occasionally designing particular pieces.

In short, we provide services that fall under a broad umbrella of Architecture.